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Show Your Customers EXACTLY What You Want Them To See
...And Sky-Rocket Your Sales Through The Roof!

Who Else Wants to Wow Every Website Visitor With Stunning, Top-Notch Multi-Media Streaming Video Presentations And Convert Each Of Them Into Buying Customers?

  • Create a stunning video presentation with just a few mouse clicks and use it as a sales tool on your website
  • Record a short powerful "Live" sales message via webcam and put it on your website within just a few minutes
  • Include an affiliate link on your videos and earn attractive commissions as you market your own products or services
  • Include a how-to video guide for each of your products or services and include it in your product manual
  • Train your affiliates how to sell a lot more by showing them your killer marketing tactics in a way no words can ever demonstrate.... your affiliates would literally explode your business to whole new heights

The possibilitites are just endless...

How about offering click-by-click multi-media presentations of your desktop activity as you demonstrate and explain exactly how your product works?

It's been proven. Presenting your customers with something they can actually see sky-rockets your sales!

By Marcel Cobs
October 2007

I started using "flash" demonstrations on my web sites a few years ago. The first time I implemented them, I ordered "demonstration manuals" that actually didn't even have any audio, just demonstrations. Each "set" of videos would sometimes take weeks to develop and deliver. And yes, I had to cough up hundreds of dollars for each set.

Nevertheless, when we put these on our customer support pages, our support tickets drammatically reduced by as much as 50%. These only /covered a few subjects on our web site; so over several months I ordered an almost "complete set" of every support issue I could think of.

As a result, our support requests reduced by over 85%

Don't forget, we still use these videos, although we are now slowly moving to the "new generation" full motion videos with audio, such as the ones made by Instant Video Suite. This gave us the opportunity to concentrate more on marketing and getting more sales; after all, there were hardly any support requests any more.

Instant Video Suite videos even go a step further; you can record yourself via web cam as you explain and demonstrate click-by-click exactly how something works right on your desktop. Then produce an embedded web page ready to publish on your web site in one step. Just imagine the effect this will have on your current business or even a new venture whether in boosting sales, or for support purposes. 

Let me make this clear. We are talking about full blown professional videos for your website, including real video, screen capture video, audio recording, video flash conversion, ready to go website generation and everything else you could possibly dream of! Instant Video Suite can do it all for you, right from the comfort of your home and without the need of expensive, overpriced software or other high tech equipment.

You can even go a step further. If you are going to implemented these videos on a few of your web sites to boost your sales, the results coming in should be just amazing. Video is THE sales tool on the web today and you should not miss this powerful advertising method.

Your signups and sales are to be going wild!

  • And guess what?
  • No more waiting for weeks for your videos to get ready.
  • No more paying hundreds and hundreds of $ to someone else preparing flash videos for you.
  • YOU show them and tell them exactly what you want to yourself.
  • No more complicated technical knowledge and expertise needed.
  • Simple, do-it-yourself, top quality action videos in just a few minutes.
  • You can be ready-to-go in just some instances after your download!

The best part is, you no longer have to part with thousands of dollars to get these presentations done for you. Even if you previously chose to do it yourself, you still had to buy separate EXPENSIVE software products to put recorded streaming video and screen captured desktop activity as well as flash video versions into your web site.

In fact you had to spend over $500 to do all this. And even then, none of these products came anywhere close to what Instant Video Suite does for you at just a fraction of the cost. And you still had to have some technical expertise, and go through a couple of steps before you could produce even one of the final videos.

With Instant Video Suite it's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • If you can turn on your computer, you can use the power of Instant Video Suite to super-charge your web site. You do not not need any technical expertise to:
  • Add real streaming video recorded via web cam to your website
  • Capture screen activity - anything you can do on your computer can be demonstrated "live" on video
  • Automatically create embedded web pages ready to put on the web. You can record your video and produce a flash-embedded HTML file ready to put on your web site in just one step. You don't have to produce an AVI file, then convert to flash (unless you choose to do that)
  • Burn your presentations to auto-run CDs or DVDs or upload them to your web site

It's like having a live salesman right on your website
closing sales for you 24 hrs a day

Imagine what this will mean for your business:

  • Convert almost every visitor into buying customers. "Live" presentations eliminate scepticism and virtually wipe out any doubts your visitor could have and force them to buy now. Instant Video Suite will make it easy to literally force your prospects to believe in you and your products, bond with you and send you money. 
  • Tell your customers / visitors exactly what you want them to hear in person (not just in writing or on audio). 
  • Demonstrate to your customers / visitors EXACTLY how it's done click-by-click, blow-by-blow on streaming video. You no longer have to use so many words trying to convince your prospects. 
  • Virtually eliminate refunds and chargebacks by demonstrating exactly how to use your product or service. It's just like sitting right next to your customer and showing them exactly how to do it. 
  • Boost customer confidence and satisfaction, and create repeat business. A happy customer always comes back to buy more. 

....The possibilities are just endless

Whether you sell products or services, even if you do it offline, a "live" touch will certainly close more sales for you. 

Suppose you could bring in 10 times more sales than you currently get on your web site? Or even, if you could only DOUBLE them? Suppose you never had to worry about supporting your customers because they just never find any support issues? Suppose every customer you had came back to buy your other products or services every time you release them because you have won their faith

Instant Video Suite can transform your online business into a money-making monster, free your precious time and resources from support issues and allow you to dominate your niche without mercy… even if you're just getting started. 

You do not need any multimedia, web design or programming experience to accomplish this and a lot more. In short, you can transform your website into a cash magnet easily through making just small changes with no trouble at all in very little time. These are the same tactics the pros use to cream their competion and permanently stay on the top of the game.

Instant Video Suite arms you with a brutally effective and proven tactic that pros rely on to guarantee their sales copies convert like crazy!

So how does Instant Video Suite work?

As the name suggests, Instant Video Suite is actually a suite of very closely integrated software that offers you a seamless way of creating video presentations without even realizing that you've used more than one piece of software for your project. This way, you do not need to master any specific knowledge to use Instant Video Suite.

Briefly, here are the software modules that are integrated into Instant Video Suite:

IVS ScreenCam 
IVS ScreenCam captures and records your desktop/screen activity demonstration.

It then creates a flash file (.swf) already embedded in easy to copy and paste HTML snippets ready to put on the web (unless you optionally choose to create an .avi file first). An .avi file is the version commonly produced by computers, but this is not ready for the internet.

IVS VideoCam
IVS VideoCam records activity via a web cam. For instance, you can record yourself as you create your demo on IVS ScreenCam to make your demo more effective.

You can also record yourself on a video presentation that you can then put on the web.* 

IVS Flash Creator
IVS Flash Creator creates flash-embedded HTML files (.swf embedded into HTML) from .avi files ready to put on the internet.

You can use it to convert existing or new .avi files created from IVS ScreenCam or IVS VideoCam, or any other already existing .avi files made with other applications! It comes completely integrated with IVS Player Plus - so you can play the videos seamlessly as you convert them without having to open multiple applications .

IVS CD Menu Creator
IVS CD Menu Creator creates autorun CD files of your video presentations ready to burn into a CD or DVD.

This allows you to create a physical product of your video demonstrations for your customers if you need to. They just need to pop it into a computer CD drive and it runs automatically. This way you can also support and enhance commercial or business presentations (or for your favorite sport team, hobby, club...) for presentation with a video beamer for example. The possibilities are virtually endless.

*please note that of course a web cam, microphone and other hardware is not included within the package!

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Each and every bonus is well selected in order to assist you with boosting your website profits and help you with your online ventures in one way or another. All these will be yours for free: 

Bonus #1

101 ebay Powerseller Secrets
by Tim Campbell

The insider guide to unlimited auction profits. Dive into eBay and other auction sites with a new angel of leveraging the power of online auctions for you.

Onehundredandone tips on how to get into ebay and other online auctions succesfully and profitably.

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AdSense is Alive
by Joel Comm

AdSense Expert Joel Comm (Mr. Adsense), creator of the famous AdSenseTemplates tells the truth behind the Adsense is Dead vs. Adsense is Alive myths.

Valuable Adsense information to make profits out of Adsense even after the big Google Adsense Slap.

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Bonus #3

Google Adwords Made Easy
by Brad Callen

Brad Callen, the creator of the web´s most successful Search Engine Optimization Software SEO-Elite and the leading Keyword Research Tool Keyword-Elite has put major knowledge about the Adwords game into this comprehensive course.

Read and apply the simple, fool proof strategies that you can use right away to make lot´s of money out of Google Adwords. Read this course in order to get the most out of Adwords and avoid costly Adwords mistakes that could well cost you a fortune.

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Bonus #4

Affiliate Money Machine
by Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia, one of the world´s most known internet marketing experts  (some call him the Affiliate No. 1) reveals everything about his "Affiliate Money Machine" and his "Secret Affiliate Weapon".

"Affiliate Money Machine" is a 7-Step comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of affiliate programs. A must-have for affiliates and everybody interested in making money on the internet. 

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Bonus #5

Banner Buddy 
incl. Private Label Rights

Nice little tool to quickly create image banner and text banner HTML code snippets. It can also create code in order to hide your affiliate links.

Not a biggie, but it can come in very handy and useful. Your free bonus includes full master resell rights for the software, which means you can resell it under your own name as you like and keep 100% of the profits!

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Unlimited Adsense Income 
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by James Jackson

Unlimited Adsense Income is one of the most popular and comprehensive Adsense Guides recently published. This huge 109 pages ebook leads you step by step to making money by adding Google Adsense Ads to your websites. 

It also teaches you on how to build your very own profit generating VRE (Virtual Real Estate) Adsene Empire with multiple websites and how to create valuable unique content for these sites at lightning speed.

Your bonus includes resell rights for this product, so you can sell it on your website and keep 100% of the profits.

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Ultimate Website Videos 
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by Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia has done it again! With this package of 17 ebook videos divided into 4 modules Ewen is covering many important topics for being successful on the net.

Module 1: "Website Design" > 4 Videos
Module 2: "Website Tune-Up" > 3 Videos
Module 3: "Website Conversion" > 3 Videos
Module 4: "Website Traffic" > 7 Videos

In these video tutorials, you’ll be guided and shown exactly how to start and profit. The video package comes to you including resell rights and as such has got a whopping value of $427 for this bonus alone! The sales value by itself is about $97.

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Blog In A Box 
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by E-Book Emporium

Brand new blogging kit, that helps you to build profitable blogs with style!

  • 20 Pre-Built Blog Templates in Easy-To-Use HTML format complete with PSD files for easy modification to fit your needs in a variety of styles and colors all with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS ready to use immediately with Blogger™ but easy to adjust for use with any other blogging software as well.
  • Easy-To-Follow Instruction Guides that take you through all the "Ins" and "Outs" of blogging, How To Begin Profiting From Your Blog, and Beyond.
  • A Full Resource List of where to blog, tutorials on blogging, more in depth information about blogs, and More.
  • Extensive Collection of Blogging Creation Tools and Blog Enhancement Scripts.

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How To Make Money As A Video Blogger 
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This bonus is something special. I must admit, that I was a bit hesitant to include this great video course into the bonus package as I could easily sell it for $67 or even $97 alone as an extra product (and I actually do). 

But O.K. In the end all the bonuses I give away should be of great value and high quality. And this bonus also shows you ways on how to use your videos created with Instant Video Suite on your blogs for profit. So here we go. Plus I do not give you the course alone. No.

I give it away including the full Master Resell Rights. This means that you can use it for yourself AND sell it to others under your own name and at whatever price you like and keep 100% of the profits! 

The complete "How To Make Money As A Video Blogger" video tutorial will teach you a great new way on how you can create tons of unique content for the "new" internet and make insane profits as a video blogger no matter what niche you are in...  this brand new course totals more than 2 hours of content covered in 11 great step-by-step videos! 
Plus, this free bonus perfectly fits in with your new Instant Video Suite as you will learn great ways on how to use your new videos that you can create with Instant Video Suite to put them on your blogs and make some extra "moola" with them!

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Web Elements EZ Tools 
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Web Elements E-Z Tools
Quick Tools for Webmasters

Now you can create professional attention grabbing interactive website features in minutes right from your desktop with this powerhouse collection of 14 java script generators and wizards !

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Instant Video Suite Offers The Best Value For Your Money

With Instant Video Suite you now no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire someone to create videos for you or purchase overpriced software packages that more than often do not even deliver.

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The good news is, Instant Video Suite is priced at $97 only. We believe this is the best bargain you could get for such a quality product anywhere on the market. Plus, this is a one-time fee. You will be guaranteed lifetime software updates at NO extra cost whatsoever. But it's even going to be better, because...

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We therefore reserve the right to raise the price back up again any time, maybe even tomorrow! So hurry, and get your copy of this powerful software suite today, before the price will be back up (it will be soon)!

Of course we do not ask you to make your purchase at your risk. This would not be fair, because you cannot put the software to the test here at the web page. Therefore we offer you a full 30 days 8 week no questions asked money back guarantee:


Unconditional, No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Your purchase is absolutely risk-free! Your 100% satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, no-hard-feelings, unconditional, no-questions-asked, iron-clad 8 week money-back guarantee

You have nothing… absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. If for any reason you're not fully satisfied or the software just won't work for you, just email us requesting a refund. Since the software is delivered digitally (i.e. via download), there's nothing to ship back.

Requesting a refund is hassle-free. With this fair and honest money back guarantee it makes sense to give Instant Video Suite a try.





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